Frederick X. Gibbons

Degree: Ph.D., 1976, University of Texas at Austin
Research Interests:
Health and clinical applications of social psychology, social comparison, and health-risk behaviors
Research Synopsis: Applies social psychology to the study of health (e.g., substance use, risky sex, cancer-risk behavior), with a particular focus on the effects of racial prejudice. Other interests include health decision-making among adolescents and young adults (from a dual-processing perspective), long-term health effects of interpersonal stress during adolescence, and the effects of gene by environment interactions on health.
Recent News:
  • Began appointment as Professor of Psychology at the University of Connecticut, August 2012
  • Third NIDA R01 research grant focusing on factors influencing health behavior of young African American adults (link)
Recent Publications: Publications since 2010, indexed on Google Scholar
Representative Publications:
  1. Stock, M.L.,* Gibbons, F.X, Peterson, L.M., & Gerrard, M. (2013). The effects of racial discrimination and general life stressors on the HIV-risk behaviors of Black adolescents and young adults. Health Psychology, 32, 543 – 550 (special issue on social psychology theory and health behavior).
  2. Stock, M.L.,* Gibbons, F.X., Gerrard, M., Houlihan, A.E., Simons, R.L. & Weng, C.-Y. (2013). Racial identification, racial composition, and substance use vulnerability among African American adolescents and young adults. Health Psychology, 32, 237 – 247.
  3. Roberts, M.E.,* Gibbons, F.X., Gerrard, M., & Kingsbury, J.H. (2014). Not intending but somewhat willing: The influence of visual primes on risky sex decisions. British Journal of Health Psychology, 19, 553-565.
  4. O’Hara, R.E.,* Gibbons, F.X., Li, Z., Gerrard, M., & Sargent, J.D. (in press). Specificity of early movie effects on adolescent sexual behavior and alcohol use. Social Science & Medicine96, 200-207.
  5. Gibbons, F.X., Kingsbury, J.H., Weng, C.-Y., Gerrard, M., Cutrona, C.E., Wills, T.A., & Stock, M.L. (2014). The effects of racial discrimination on health status and health behavior: A differential mediation hypothesis. Health Psychology, 33, 11-19. (Special issue on racial discrimination and health.)
  6. Gibbons, F.X., Roberts, M.E., Gerrard, M., Li, Z., Beach, S.R.H., Simons, R.L., Weng, C-Y., & Philibert, R.A. (2012). The impact of stress on the life history strategies of African American adolescents: Cognitions, genetic moderation, and the role of discrimination. Developmental Psychology, 48, 722 – 739 (special issue on evolutionary-developmental psychology).
  7. Gibbons, F.X., O’Hara, R.E., Stock, M.L., Gerrard, M., Weng, C-Y., Wills, T.A. (2012). The erosive effects of racism: Reduced self-control mediates the relation between perceived racial discrimination and substance use in African American adolescents. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 102, 1089 – 1104.
  8. Roberts, M.E.,* Gibbons, F.X., Gerrard, M., Weng, C.-Y., Murry, V.M., Simons, L.G., Simons, R.L., & Lorenz, F.O. (2012). From racial discrimination to risky sex: Prospective relations involving peers and parents. Developmental Psychology, 48, 89-102.
  9. Gibbons, F.X. Kingsbury, J.H., & Gerrard, M. (2011) Social-psychological theories and adolescent health risk behavior. Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 10, 1-14.
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  11. Gibbons, F.X., Etcheverry, P.E., Stock, M.L., Gerrard, M., Weng, C.-Y., Kiviniemi, M., & O’Hara, R.E. (2010). Exploring the link between racial discrimination and substance use. What mediates? What buffers? Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 99, 785-801.

*Signifies an article first-authored by a former student.