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University of Connecticut Department of Psychology Social Psychology

Nairan Ramirez-Esparza

Nairan Ramirez-Esparza
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Ph.D., 2007, University of Texas at Austin
Webpages: UT Austin
For contact information, click here

Research Interests:
  • Culture, Language, and Personality
  • Culture, Language, and Health
  • Culture, Language, and Development
Recent News
  • Begins appointment as Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Connecticut, August 2012
  • January 2008: Best Paper, Journal of Research in Personality.
Students in Research
  • Dr. Ramirez-Esparza is considering new students to enter the graduate program in the Fall 2014 semester
Representative Publications
Ramírez-Esparza, N., Chung, K. C., Sierra-Otero, G., & Pennebaker J. W. (2012). Cross-cultural constructions of self-schemas: Americans and Mexicans. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 43, 233-250.

Ramírez-Esparza, N., Mehl, M. R., Alvarez-Bermúdez, J. & Pennebaker, J. W. (2009). Are Mexicans more sociable than Americans? Insights from a Naturalistic Observation Study. Journal of Research in Personality, 43, 1-7.

Ramírez-Esparza, N., Gosling, S. D., & Pennebaker, J. W. (2008). Paradox lost: Unraveling the puzzle of Simpatía. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 39, 703-715.

Ramírez-Esparza, N., Gosling, S. D., Benet-Martínez, V., Potter, J., & Pennebaker, J. W. (2006). Do bilinguals have two personalities? A special case of cultural frame switching. Journal of Research in Personality, 40, 99-120.