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The primary webmaster of this site is Blair T. Johnson; please contact him with news, corrections, items for the Curmudgeon’s Corner, and the like. Brad Weisz and Joel Devonshire are webmasters of graduate students’ pages and share editing of news.

Members of this site can edit their “profile information” (e.g., photo, title) but not their profile pages. Contact the appropriate webmaster for edits to these pages.





Office Hours


Joel Devonshire JoelDevonshireGraduate
Blair T. Johnson Blair T.JohnsonBoard of Trustees Distinguished Professor of Psychologyblair.t.johnson@uconn.eduBOUS 179 or Ryan 019By appointmentPSYC 3105, PSYC 5133, PSYC 6732
Bradley M. Weisz Bradley M.WeiszDoctoral candidate and webmasterbradley.weisz@uconn.eduBOUS 228