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University of Connecticut Department of Psychology Social Psychology

Colloquium Speakers

For the Spring, 2014, Semester (all meetings Wednesdays 12:20 – 1:50, BOUS 162, unless noted):
22 Jan Mariah Schug Psychology, Wesleyan University
29 Jan

No meeting

05 Feb Jorge Agüero (canceled due to snow) El Instituto, UCONN
12 Feb SPSP, no meeting  
19 Feb

Aleksandra Cichocka

School of Psychology, University of Kent, UK

26 Feb Laura Mauldin HDFS, UCONN
05 Mar Anne Oeldorf-Hirsch Communication, UCONN
12 Mar James Kaufman Educational Psychology, UCONN
19 Mar Spring Break  
26 Mar Evan P. Apfelbaum Management, MIT
02 Apr David Norton Marketing, UCONN
09 Apr Fouad Bou Zeineddine Social Psychology, UCONN
16 Apr Jessica LaCroix Social Psychology, UCONN
23 Apr Stephanie Finneran Social Psychology, UCONN
30 Apr Star Chen Social Psychology, UCONN
For the Fall, 2013, Semester (all meetings Wednesdays 12:20 – 1:50, BOUS 162, unless noted):
04 Sept Faculty Introductions UCONN
11 Sept

Thalia Wheatley, “The Social Brain’s Perceptual Roots”

Dartmouth College
18 Sept James Liu, "History as a Variable for Dynamism in Psychology: From Social Representations to Critical Junctures Theory" Centre for Applied Cross Cultural Research, Victoria University of Wellington
25 Sept No meeting  
02 Oct

Michael Andreychik, "Re-Conceptualizing the Relationship between Natural Kind Beliefs about Social Groups and Prejudice"

Fairfield University

09 Oct John Pachankis, "Translating Stigma Mechanisms into Effective LGBT Health Interventions" Yale School of Public Health
16 Oct Ronnie Janoff-Bulman, "Morality: A Dual System Perspective" University of Massachusetts
23 Oct George Newman, "The Psychology of Authenticity" School of Management, Yale University
30 Oct Benjamin Meagher, "Physically Situated Social Psychology"  
06 Nov Valerie Purdie-Vaughns, "Talking about Slavery: Interracial Concerns, Strategies, & Messages" Columbia University
13 Nov Andrew Stewart, "(dis)Agreeing with Inequality: Ideological Norms and Violence Prevention in Gender Relations" UCONN
20 Nov Graduate student meeting  
27 Nov Thanksgiving vacation  
04 Dec Robert E. Low and Blair T. Johnson, ""Panning for the Gold in Health Research: Incorporating Studies’ Methodological Quality in Meta-Analysis" UCONN
From the Spring , 2013, Semester
23 Jan No meeting  
30 Jan

Amanda Denes, "Communication and the Body"

University of Connecticut
06 Feb No meeting (job candidate instead) University of Connecticut
13 Feb Nicholas Lurie, "Temporal Contiguity and Negativity Bias in the Impact of Online Word-of-Mouth" University of Connecticut
20 Feb Andrew L. Stewart, "Gender Inequality and the Ideological Bases of Hierarchy-Attenuating Praxis" University of Connecticut
27 Feb Dev Delal, "The Importance of Proper Measurement: A Demonstration with Maximizing Tendencies" Yale University
06 Mar Atilla Cidam University of Connecticut
13 Mar Alaina Brenick University of Connecticut
20 Mar Spring break (no meeting)  
27 Mar John Christensen, "Virtual Sex: Using Interactive Digital Media to Reduce Shame and Sexual Risk-Taking" University of Connecticut
03 Apr Jessica LaCroix, "It Ttakes Two to Tango: A Meta-Analysis of Couple-Based HIV interventions" University of Connecticut
10 Apr John Bargh colloquium instead in Dodd Center University of Connecticut
17 Apr Jennifer Pellowski, "Just-in-Time Medication Adherence Counseling Intervention for People Living with HIV/AIDS: A Test of Concept" University of Connecticut
24 Apr Linda C. Halgunseth, "Parenting in Context: Validation of the Mexican Parenting Questionnaire for Adolescents (MPQ-A) among Adolescents in Mexico" University of Connecticut
01 May Udi Davidovich, "Sexual Health and the Internet" Amsterdam Public Health Services, The Netherlands
From the Fall , 2012, Semester
29 Aug (noon) Introductions (pizza provided) University of Connecticut
05 Sep Jessica Salvatore, Ph.D. Amherst College Amherst College
12 Sep Brett Pelham, Ph.D. American Psychological Association
19 Sep Scott Plous, Ph.D., "Putting the Social Network into Social Psychology Network: Next Generation Resources for Psychological Research and Teaching" Wesleyan University
26 Sep Bernhard Leidner, Ph.D., "Morality and Justice in the Context of Intergroup Violence" University of Massachusetts Amherst
03 Oct Meg Gerrard, Ph.D. University of Connecticut
10 Oct Lisa Rosenthal, Ph.D., "Belief in Polyculturalism: Social, Academic, and Health Implications" Yale University
17 Oct Catherine Norris, Ph.D., "Neural Correlates of Social Exclusion" Dartmouth University
24 Oct No meeting (SESP)  
31 Oct Currently is open  
07 Nov

Jon Freeman, Ph.D.,"The Dynamic Interactive Nature of Real-Time Person Perception"

Dartmouth University
14 Nov Victoria Brescoll, "Women and Power: Hard to Earn, Difficult to Signal & Easy to Lose" Yale University
21 Nov Break  
28 Nov Justin Lehmiller, Ph.D., "Secret Romances and Self-Control: How Concealing a Relationship May Increase Susceptibility to Cheating" Harvard University
05 Dec Brian Lowery, Ph.D., "The sophisticated art of hierarchy maintenance." Stanford University`
From the Spring, 2012, Semester:
15 Feb Tenure Talk: Ken Pugh University of Connecticut
22 Feb Eileen Pitpitan University of Connecticut
29 Feb Sarah A. Lust University of Connecticut
07 Mar Esra Çuhadar Gürkaynak Bilkent and Tufts Universities
14 Mar Spring break, no meeting  
21 Mar Fouad Bou Zeineddine’s MA defense University of Connecticut
28 Mar Tenure Talk: Julie Wargo Aikins University of Connecticut
04 Apr Tenure Talk: Stephanie Milan University of Connecticut
11 Apr Erin Straut’s MA defense University of Connecticut
18 Apr Nicole Shelton  
25 Apr President Susan Herbst talks with the psychology faculty University of Connecticut
02 May Christopher Burrow’s MA defense University of Connecticut
From the Fall, 2011, Semester:
31 Aug WELCOME AND WELCOME BACK. First-Year Students: Jessa LaCroix, Atilla Cidam, Jennifer Pellowski University of Connecticut
07 Sep Dr. Robert Foels, Increasing Cognitive Complexity Eliminates Infrahumanization University of Connecticut
14 Sep First-year students meet with Social Psychology Area Head, Dr. Diane Quinn (no regular meeting) University of Connecticut
16 Sep Dr. Peter Hegarty, Do we Need Sexuality to be Biological for Prejudice to End? University of Surrey
21 Sep Dr. Tania B. Huedo-Medina, Integrating Data from Different Settings and Studies: A Multilevel Approach University of Connecticut
28 Sep Dr. Mark Boyer, Governing Climate Change: Local Action for Global Results? University of Connecticut (Political Science)
05 Oct Dr. Terri Conley, Sexual Double Standards and Anticipated Pleasures: Explaining Gender Differences in Reaction to Real and Hypothetical Casual Sex Offers University of Michigan
12 Oct Dr Clara Wilkins, The Threat of Social Equality: Racial Progress and Perceptions of Anti-White Discrimination Wesleyan University
17 Oct  Dr. Mikki Hebl, Reducing Interpersonal Discrimination Rice University
19 Oct Dr. Emily Balcetis, Motivated Perception for Self Regulation New York University
26 Oct Dr. Joan Miller, Culture and Norms of Reciprocity:  How Communal are Family and Friend Relationships? New School for Social Research
02 Nov Nicole Overstreet University of Connecticut
09 Nov Angela White University of Connecticut
16 Nov Laramie Smith University of Connecticut
30 Nov Randi Garcia University of Connecticut
07 Dec  Kimberly McClure University of Connecticut
From the Spring, 2011, Semester:
19 Jan 2011
Discussion: Getting the most out of conferences

25 Jan Kevin Durrheim (Stereotypes and the social psychology of  repression) University of Kwa-Zulu Natal
26 Jan No meeting (SPSP)  
02 Feb No meeting (snow)  
09 Feb Discussion: (Reviews: How to Write & How to Read and Respond to them)  
16 Feb Orla Muldoon (Does the twain meet?: Political agency and political violence in situations of political conflict) University of Limerick
23 Feb Piercarlo Valdesolo (Unity in Body and Mind: The Social Function of Coordinated Action) Harvard University
02 Mar Bert Hodges (Speaking from a minority position: Ecological social, and dialogical perspectives on language evolution) Gordon College
09 Mar No meeting (spring break)  
16 Mar Andrew Stewart University of Connecticut
23 Mar Carter Lennon, Laramie Smith University of Connecticut
30 Mar (3pm) Benjamin Meagher University of Connecticut
30 Mar Jeffrey D. Fisher (BOT Distinguished Professor talk) University of Connecticut
06 Apr Jessica Kang University of Connecticut
13 Apr Fouad Bou Zeineddine, Christopher Burrows University of Connecticut
20 Apr Justin Mahalak, Erin Strauts University of Connecticut
20 Apr Dan Levitin (Quantifying musical emotion: Evidence from psychophysics) McGill University
27 Apr Robert Low University of Connecticut
From the Fall, 2010, Semester:
01 Sept 
University of Connecticut
08 Sept
New social psychology students
University of Connecticut
15 Sept
Lauren Duncan (The Psychology of Collective Action)
Smith College
22 Sept
Richard Brooks (Field Experiments on Race and Spatial Distance)
Yale University Law School
29 Sept
Bertram Malle (Is There a Hierarchy of Social Inferences? The Ease and Speed of Judging Intentionality, Mind, & Morality)
Brown University
06 Oct
Lyle Scruggs (Information, Choice, & Ethical Consumption)
University of Connecticut
13 Oct
Traci Mann (Self-control of eating among dieters: A few (sort of) successes)
University of Minnesota
20 Oct
No meeting (faculty meeting instead)
University of Connecticut
27 Oct
No meeting (faculty meeting instead)
University of Connecticut
03 Nov
University of Connecticut
10 Nov
Lisa Feldman-Barrett
(The Nature of Emotions; Departmental colloquium)
Boston College
17 Nov
University of Connecticut
01 Dec
Annie B. Fox University of Connecticut
08 Dec Amanda Snook University of Connecticut
15 Dec Eileen V. Pitpitan University of Connecticut