Devon Price

Degrees:  Master of Science, University of Connecticut, June 2016

Bachelor of Psychology, University of Florida, May 2014

 Seth C Kalichman
Lab webpages:
 Social Processes of AIDS
Research Interests:
  • Psychosocial barriers to HIV testing
  • Attitudes and acceptability of PrEP
  • LGBT Health
Research Synopsis:  My program of research addresses how stigmatized groups are disproportionately affected by a variety of health outcomes, and the psychological mechanisms contributing to this disparity. By wedding social psychological theories and methods with application to real world settings, my research provides novel approaches to these issues, and has allowed me pursue a path for making a tangible difference.

My recent research focuses on psychosocial processes and barriers to medical testing. For example, how do psychological processes designed to protect the self from threatening information impact the acceptance of medical testing? How are these effects complicated by additional psychological deterrents like testing for a stigmatizing disease (e.g., HIV)?


Recent News: Recipient of the 2016 SPSSI Applied Social Issues Internship
Representative Publications: Kalichman, S.C., Price, D., Eaton, L.A., Burnham, K., Sullivan, M., Finneran, S., Cornelius, T., Allen, A (2017). Diminishing perceived threat of AIDS and increasing sexual risks for HIV among men who have sex with men, 1997 to 2015. Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Eaton, L. A., Kalichman, S. C., Price, D., Finneran, S., Allen, A., & Maksut, J. (2017). Stigma and Conspiracy Beliefs Related to Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and Interest in Using PrEP Among Black and White Men and Transgender Women Who Have Sex with Men. AIDS and Behavior, 1-11.