Natasza Marrouch

Degrees:  M.A., New York University
Blair T. Johnson
Lab webpage:
SHARP Research Lab | Intergroup Relations Lab
Research Interests:
  • Intergroup relations
  • Political psychology
  • Beliefs relevant to climate warming and change
  • Statistical modeling
Research Synopsis: Building on interdisciplinary postulates, my research explores the processing of unpredictability and its role in the formation of beliefs that carry the potential to threaten the well-being of individuals and social groups. I am also an enthusiast of data modeling and novel statistical methods.
Recent News:
  • Received IBACS Summer Fellowship, 2016
  • Institute for the Brain and Cognitive Sciences Graduate Fellow ’16
Representative Publications:
Cichocka, A., Bilewicz, M., Jost, J. T., Marrouch, N., & Witkowska, M. (2016). On the grammar of politics—or why conservatives prefer nouns. Political Psychology.