Kenny wins SPSP’s Methodological Innovation Award

David A. Kenny awarded inaugural (2012) Methodological Innovation Award from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology!

The citation reads as follows:

David Kenny is a giant among methodologists in psychology. His record of methodological innovation within social and personality psychology is unparalleled. His influential early article on mediation was followed by many other contributions. Widely admired are his sophisticated models of interpersonal perception and truth and bias in judgment. His methodological achievements include innovative research designs (such as the round robin) and analytic approaches for questions involving nonindependent data in dyads and groups. David Kenny has also applied these and other innovative approaches to answer substantive questions such as “Do people know how others view them? and “Do we know how much people like one another? He is also a master of writing clear explanations of complex techniques, both in journal articles and monographs on psychological methods. This award symbolizes the great appreciation that social and personality psychologists have for his many important contributions to methodology.