American Psychological Association recognizes David A. Kenny

Distinguished Emeritus Professor Dave Kenny received the American Psychological Association’s award for Distinguished Scientific Contribution at the APA’s annual conference in August, 2019.

Specifically, the citation reads:

For his outstanding contributions to both theory and methods for studying social perception and behavior. Kenny’s work on person perception, under the general rubric of the “social relations model,” has fundamentally changed the way psychologists think about and study interpersonal judgment. His work on the analysis of data with dependencies, be they dyadic or more broadly group-based, has changed the way all psychologists think about the analysis of interpersonal data. And his work on mediation, moderation and causal analysis more broadly, has led the field. Above all, his integrity and compassion for students and colleagues are standards to which we may all aspire.

We are so very proud of you Dave — there couldn’t be a more deserving scientist.