The deadline for applying to the social psychology doctoral program is December 01 for entry into the program the following August. Submit applications online through this portal. The social psychology program has an admissions committee composed both of faculty members and graduate students. The committee evaluates the suitability of each applicant as a prospective student in the social psychology program. It also evaluates whether particular candidates may be better matches with different faculty advisors, even when the student has not listed this person as their preferred choice. In such cases, the applicant is contacted about the possibility of a switch.

The social psychology program does not ordinarily admit students without also providing support in the form of graduate assistantships or fellowships (see brochure here). Because the program has an NIMH-funded training grant, well-qualified new students who plan to focus their graduate careers on social processes and AIDS are sometimes offered admission as trainees supported by this grant (for more information, contact the director of the program, Prof. Seth C. Kalichman). If you are interested in being supported by this grant, please so indicate in your personal statement, giving a rationale to support your interest.

It is recommended that prospective applicants contact present faculty members in order to obtain more information (e.g., to inquire whether that faculty member is seeking new students).

The University of Connecticut encourages applications from under-represented groups, including minorities, women, and people with disabilities.

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