Social’s 2019-2020 PhDs Advance to New Jobs

Congratulations to Dr. Leah Pound, who is now a Air Force Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Research Program Manager at the Department of Defense, to Dr. Mora Reinka, who is now an assistant professor at Ursinus College, to Dr. Gabriel Camacho, who is now an assistant professor at John Jay College, and to Dr. Aerielle M. Allen, […]

Prof. Felicia Pratto elected again to serve ISPP

Felicia Pratto will become the president-elect of the International Society of Political Psychology at the end of its annual meeting in July 12-15 in Lisbon. She will serve in that capacity til July, 2020, when she becomes president and will host the annual meeting in Berlin in July 2021, whereupon she becomes past-president (each of […]