Colin Wayne Leach

2017-2018 academic year
Degree: Ph.D., 1995, University of Michigan
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Contact information:
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Research Interests:
Status and morality in identity, emotion, & motivation; Protest & resistance; Social location (gender, race, ethnicity); Meta-theory, methods, and statistics; interdisciplinary approaches.
Extramural Service:
  1. Co-Editor, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin (2017-)
  2. Associate Editor, Journal of Personality & Social Psychology (2014-2016 )
  3. Associate Editor, Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin (2013-14)
  4. Associate Editor, European Journal of Social Psychology (2009-12)
Representative Publications: Edited Volumes

  1. Leach, C.W., Blackwood, L., & Livingstone, A. (2013) (Eds.), Societal change. Journal of Social & Political Psychology. 1 (1) 105-399.
  2. Tiedens, L. Z., & Leach, C. W. (2004) (Eds.), The Social Life of Emotions. New York: Cambridge University Press.
  3. Gabaccia, D.R., & Leach, C. W. (2003) (Eds.), Immigrant Life in the U.S.: Multi-disciplinary Perspectives. New York: Routledge.
  4. Leach, C. W., & Gergen, K. (2001) (Eds.), Psychology as Politics. Political Psychology, 22 (3)


Recent Articles

  1. Gausel, N., Vignoles, V. L., & Leach, C. W. (2016). Resolving the paradox of shame: Differentiating among specific appraisal-feeling combinations explain pro-social and self-defensive motivation. Motivation and Emotion, 40, 118-139. doi: 10.1007/s11031-015-9513-y
  2. Leach, C.W., Bilali, R., Pagliaro, S. (2015). Groups and Morality. In M. Mikulincer, P.R. Shaver, J.F. Dovidio & J. Simpson (Eds.) APA Handbook of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 2: Group Processes (pp.123-149). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.
  3. Leach, C.W. & Cidam, A. (2015). When is shame linked to constructive approach orientation? A meta-analysis. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 109, 983-1002.
  4. Leach, C.W., Spears, R., & Manstead, A.S.R. (2015). Parsing (malicious) pleasures: gloating and schadenfreude about others’ adversity. Frontiers in Psychology, 6 (201) 1-13.
  5. Brambilla, M. & Leach, C.W. (2014). On the importance of being moral: The distinctive role of morality in social judgment. Social Cognition, 32, 397-408.
  6. Harth, N., Leach, C.W., & Kessler, T. (2013). Guilt, anger, and pride about in-group environmental behaviour: Different emotions predict distinct intentions. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 34, 18-26.
  7. Gausel, N., Leach, C.W., Vignoles, V.L.& Brown, R.J. (2012). Defend or repair? Explaining responses to in-group moral failure by disentangling feelings of shame, rejection, and inferiority. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 102, 941-960.
  8. van Zomeren, M., Leach, C.W., & Spears, R. (2012). Protesters as “passionate economists”: A dynamic dual pathway model of coping with collective disadvantage. Personality and Social Psychology Review, 16, 180–199.