Atilla Cidam, Ph.D., 2016

Degrees:  Ph.D., 2016, Department of Psychological Sciences, University of Connecticut

B.A., Summa cum laude, 2009, Scientific and Philosophical Studies of the Mind, Franklin and Marshall College

 Colin Wayne Leach
Lab webpage:
 Intergroup Relations Lab
Research Interests:
  • Moral identity and development
  • Emotions
  • Political Psychology
  • Intergroup Relations
  • Religions
  • Identity, nationalism, peace & conflict
  • Social transformation
Research Synopsis:  I am very interested in the factors which lead to more moral motivation and action, as well as the development of a moral identity.  I conceptualize moral development as a life-long process and investigate factors which help individuals learn from their moral successes and failures. Thus, I study religion and spirituality, assumptions about morality, emotions, and effect of moral exemplars as catalysts of moral motivation and growth.  Interested in multiple levels of analysis, I seek to understand connections between individual morality and intergroup attitudes, as well as how communities affect the moral life of the individual. I also study the ‘dark side’ of morality, where moral arguments and credentials can be used to justify immoral and inhumane behavior.
Representative Publications:
  •   Dissertation: Lay Theories of Morality in the Lives of Moral Exemplars.
  •   Leach, C. W., & Cidam, A. (2015). When is shame linked to constructive approach orientation? A meta-analysis.
  •   Leach, C. W., Çelik, A. B., Bilali, R., Cidam, A., & Stewart, A. L. (2016). Being There: The 2013 Anti-Government Protests in Istanbul, Turkey. Contention4(1-2), 25-38.
  •   Stewart, A. L., Morselli, D., Foels, R., Aiello, A., Çidam, A., Chryssochoou, X., … & Sweetman, J. Attitudes towards Arab ascendance: Israeli and Global perspectives.
  •   Pratto, F., Çidam, A., Stewart, A. L., Zeineddine, F. B., Aranda, M., Aiello, A., … & Henkel, K. E. (2013). Social Dominance in Context and in Individuals Contextual Moderation of Robust Effects of Social Dominance Orientation in 15 Languages and 20 Countries. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 1948550612473663.
  •   Masters thesis: Lay Theories of the Moral Self: Sustained Moral Motivation After Moral Success
  •   Penn, M. L., Pharaon, A., & Cidam, A.  (2007).  Biological, Psychological, and Social Factors in the Pathogenesis of Psychopathy.  In G. Walker (Ed.) The Science of Morality: Proceedings of the Royal College of Physicians, London: Royal College of Physicians Press.