Christopher Burrows, Ph.D. 2015

Degrees:  B.A., Summa cum laude, 2007, Southern Methodist University; M.A., 2012, University of Connecticut
Hart Blanton
Lab webpage:
Research Interests:
  • Implicit Attitude Measurement
  • Overconfidence
Research Synopsis:  A recent focus of mine has been investigating a cognitive dissonance approach to overconfidence research. This approach to debiasing overconfidence introduced me to self-affirmation theory. I have since become interested in the uses of self-affirmation in health communication research. Additionally, I have a long running interest in computer software for use in psychology experiments. My interest has lead me to create my own software after frustration with the limitations of available tools, such as stimuli often being limited to text and 2D images.
Recent News: No news
Representative Publications: Master’s thesis: Reducing Knowledge Overconfidence by Reducing the Threat of Knowledge Cue Utilization