I-Ching Lee, Ph.D., 2006

Dr. I-Ching Lee
B.S., 1996, Psychology, National Taiwan University
M.S., 2001, Psychology, National Chengchi University
Ph.D., 2006, Social Psychology, University of Connecticut
Position: Professor at the National Cheng-Chi University
Research Interests: gender issues, intergroup relations, culture, power
Comment about the Social Program: “The department offered me a stimulating environment and allowed me to pursue my dreams as a serious scholar! I had one of the best experiences of a lifetime at UCONN!”
Representative Publications: Lee, I., Chen, E. E., Tsai, C., Yen, N., Chen, A. L. P., & Lin, W. (2016). Voting intention and choices: Are voters always rational and deliberative? PLOS One. [MOST 102-2420-H-004 -014 -MY3]


Colton, C.*, Lee, I., & Hodges, S. D.* (2014). From east to west: Accessibility and bias in self-other comparative judgments. Personality and Social Psychological Bulletin, 40, 1-15 . (SSCI)



Lee, I. C., Pratto, F., & Johnson, B. (2011). Intergroup Consensus/Disagreement in Support of Group Based Hierarchy: An Examination of Socio-Structural and Psycho-Cultural Factors. Psychological Bulletin, 137, 1029-1064.


Lee, I. C. & Pratto, F. (2011). Changing boundaries of ethnic identity and feelings toward in/outgroup: Examining Taiwan residents from a psycho-historical perspective. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 42, 3-24.


Lee, I. C., Pratto, F., & Li, M. C. (2007). Social relationships and sexism in the United States and Taiwan. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 38, 595-612.

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