Lisa A. Eaton, Ph.D., 2009

Ph.D., 2009, University of Connecticut

Post Doctoral Fellowship, 2010, Yale University

Position: Associate Professor, University of Connecticut, HDFS
Research Interests: Health and well-being development across the lifespan; advanced quantitative methods for the social sciences; ecological approaches to disease prevention; health disparities interventions and community based programs
Comment about the Social Program:
Representative Publications:

  • Watson, R, Fish, J, Allen, A, & Eaton, LA. Black men and transgender women who have sex with men; sexual identity, disclosure, and awareness of HIV prevention methods: Latent class analysis. The Journal of Sex Research, in press.
  • Pellowski, JA, Price, D, Allen, A, Eaton, L & Kalichman, SC. (2017). The differences between medical trust and mistrust and their respective influences on medication beliefs and ART adherence among African Americans living with HIV. Psychology and Health, 32(9); 1127-1139.
  • Eaton, LA, Kueck, AS, *Maksut, J, Gordon, L, Metersky, K, Miga, A, Brewer, M, & *Siembada, E. (2017). Beliefs about sexual health and cancer treatments, and sexual health communication with provider among women attending a gynecologic oncology clinic. Sexual Medicine, 5(3);175-183.
  • Eaton, LA, Kalichman, SC, Kalichman, MO, Driffin, D, Baldwin, R, & Zohren, L. (2017). Randomized controlled trial of a serosorting-focused intervention for sexual risk reduction and STI prevention among men who have sex with men. Sexually Transmitted Infections, April 12.


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