Rebecca Ferrer, Ph.D., 2009


B.S., 2004, Decision Science, Carnegie Mellon University

M.A., 2007, Social Psychology, University of Connecticut

Ph.D., 2009, Social Psychology, University of Connecticut

First Position: Cancer Research and Training Award Fellow, National Cancer Institute

Current Position: Program Director, Basic Biobehavioral and Psychological Sciences Branch, National Cancer Institute

Research Interests: Emotion/affective science, judgment and decision making, risk perception, social psychology
Comment on the Social Program:
Representative Publications:

Ferrer, R. A., & Mendes, W. B. (in press). Emotion, Health Decision-making, and Health Behaviour. Psychology & Health.

Ellis, E. M., Elwyn, G., Nelson, W. L., *Scalia, P., Kobrin, S., & Ferrer, R. A. (in press). Interventions to engage affective forecasting in health-related decision making: A meta-analysis. Annals of Behavioral Medicine.

Ferrer, R. A., Green, P. A., Oh, A., Hennessey, E., & *Dwyer, L. (2017). Emotion suppression, emotional eating, and eating behavior among parent-adolescent dyads. Emotion, ePub ahead of print.

Ferrer, R. A., Klein, W. M. P., & *Graff, K. (2017). Self- affirmation increases defensiveness toward health risk information among those experiencing negative emotions: Results from two national samples. Health Psychology, 36, 380-391.

Ferrer, R. A., *Maclay, A., Litvak, P. M., & Lerner, J. S. (2017). Revisiting the effects of anger on risk-taking: Empirical and meta-analytic evidence for differences between males and females. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 30, 516-526.

Ferrer, R. A., Klein, W, M. P., *Persoskie, A., Avishai-Yitshak, A., & Sheeran, P. (2016). The tripartite model of risk perception (TRIRISK): Evidence that perceived risk has deliberative, affective, and experiential components. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 50, 653-663.

Ferrer, R. A., Padgett, L., & *Ellis, E. (2016). Extending emotion and decision-making beyond the laboratory: The promise of palliative care contexts. Emotion, 16, 581-586.

Ferrer, R. A., Green, P.A., & Barrett, L. F. (2015). Affective science and cancer control: Towards a mutually beneficial research agenda. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 10, 328-345.

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