Yiyun “Star” Chen, Ph.D., 2018

  • BA, 2009, East China University of Political Science and Law
  • MSPH, 2012, Johns Hopkins University
  • M.A., Psychology, University of Connecticut, 2014
  • M.S., Statistics, 2017
  • Ph.D., Psychology, expected, 2018
Blair T. Johnson
Lab webpage:
SHARP Research Laboratory
Research Interests:
  • Adolescents’ risk behavior and psychological health
  • Behavioral strategies to reduce HIV risk and enhance AIDS care
  • Multivariate models
Research Synopsis: My research interest broadly defined is anything related to risk behavior reduction (i.e. sexual risk, alcohol and drug use, and other behavioral addictions etc.)
Representative Publications:
Chen ,Y., Chen, K., Kalichman, S.C. (2017) Barriers to HIV Medication Adherence as a Function of Regimen Simplification. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 51(1):67-78.

Chen, Y., Li, X., Shen, Z., Zhou, Y., Tang, Z., Huedo-Medina, T.B.  (2015). Contextual Influence on Condom Use in Commercial Sex Venues: a Multi-level Analysis among Female Sex Workers and Gatekeepers in Guangxi, China. Social Science Research, 50(5):642-52.

Chen, Y., Li, X., Shen, Z., Zhou, Y., Tang, Z. (2015). Drinking Reasons and Alcohol Problems by Work Venue among Female Sex Workers in Guangxi, China. Substance Use and Misuse, 52:124-31.

Chen, Y., Kalichman, S. C. (2015). Synergistic effects of food insecurity and drug use on medication adherence among people living with HIV infection. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 38(3):397-406.

Chen, Y., Li, X., Zhou, Y., Shen, Z., Tang, Z. (2013). Alcohol and sexual risk: an event-level analysis in commercial sex setting. Addictive Behaviors, 38(12): 2888–92.

Chen Y, Li X, Zhou Y, Wen X, Wu D. (2013). Perceived peer engagement in HIV-related sexual risk behaviors and self-reported risk-taking among female sex workers in Guangxi, China. AIDS Care, 25(9):1114-21.

Chen, Y. (2013). Treatment-Related Optimistic Beliefs and Risk of HIV Transmission: A Review of Recent Findings (2009-2012) in an Era of Treatment as Prevention. Current HIV/AIDS Reports, 10(1):79-88.

Chen, Y., Li, X., Zhang, C., Hong, Y., Zhou, Y., Liu, W. (2013). Alcohol Use and Sexual Risks: Use of the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) Among Female Sex Workers in China. Health Care for Women International. 34(2):122-38.

Chen, Y., Latkin, C., Celentano, D.D., Yang, X., Xia, G., Li, X., Miao, J., Surkan, J.P. (2012). Delineating interpersonal communication networks: A study of the diffusion of an intervention among female entertainment workers in Shanghai, China. AIDS Behavior,16(7):2004-14.

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