Fall, 2020 Semester    Wednesdays 2-3:15 pm EDT until Oct 31, or EST after Nov. 1 (GMT-4 or GMT-5)

(All Talks will be presented via zoom. If you are not on the social listserv, please email felicia.pratto@uconn.edu to be added and receive the zoom links and talk announcements. A small number of audience members may meet, spaced and in masks, in BOUS Room 162). 

Date Speaker, Affiliation, & Talk Title
Sept. 2 Welcome for new students (only) Dr. Nairan Ramirex-Esparza (link from her)
Sept. 9 Faculty plus student representative meeting
Sept. 16 Dr. Anne Moyer, SUNY Stony Brook,Student Reflections on an Experiential Learning Exercise Fostering Gratitude and Instructor Observations on Researching and Teaching Positive Psychology
Sept 23 Dr. Donald Tomaskevic-Devey, Sociology, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Relational Inequalities, A Meso-level Approach
Sept 30 Dr. Jarrett Crawford, Psych Dept., The College of New Jersey, Is the Political Slant of Psychology Research Related to Scientific Quality?
Oct. 7 Faculty plus student representative meeting
Oct. 14 Dr. Keelah Williams, Psychology Dept. Hamilton College, The existence and social significance of ecology stereotypes
Oct. 21 Dr. Katie Wang, Yale School of Public Health, Inequality and Health Disparities: The Multifaceted Consequences of Stigma
Oct. 28 Dr. Bonita London, SUNY Stony Brook
Nov. 4 Faculty plus student representative meeting
Nov. 11 Dr. Angela Bahns, Wellesley College
Nov. 18 Kiran McCloskey, UConn
Dec. 2 Faculty plus student representative meeting
Dec. 9 Christine Curley, UConn

Spring 2021 Semester (all meetings Wednesdays 2 – 3: 15 pm) Scheduling in Progress

Jan. 20 Faculty plus student representative meeting
Jan. 27
Feb. 3 Faculty plus student representative meeting
Feb. 10
Feb. 17
Feb. 24
March 3 Faculty plus student representative meeting
March 10
March 24 Dr. Simon Howard, Marquette University
March 31
April 7 Faculty plus student representative meeting
April 14
April 21
April 28 Dr. Keith Maddox, Tufts University, We *Really* Need to Talk: Encouraging and Empowering Interracial Dialogue













For the Spring 2020 Semester (all meetings Wednesdays 2 – 3: 15 pm)

Date Speaker, Affiliation, & Talk Title
Jan. 29 Shu Jiang, social program, Addressing Inequality of Subjective Well-being among College Students
Feb. 12 Kiran McCloskey, social program,Personality and Habit: The Automaticity of Trait-Relevant Behaviors
Feb. 19 Prof. Matthew Hughey, UConn Sociology, White Time: How Racial Imagination, Perception, and Context shape Understandings of Time 
March 11 Meet the Prof. Natalie Shook Lab!
March 25 As of this day, all meetings will be online through AY 19-20
April 8 Professor Thomas Long on social aspects of contagious disease epidemics
April 15 Cassidy Burt, Andrew Cortopassi, social psychology graduate program
April 22 Redd Driver, Christine Curley, social psychology graduate program
April 29 NEW: Prof. Nick Lurie, School of Business, UConn, More Rational or More Emotional than Others? Lay Beliefs about Decision-Making Strategies

For the Fall 2019 Semester (all meetings Wednesdays 2 – 3: 15 pm, BOUS 162)

Date Speaker/Topic
Sept. 11 Research Resources
Sept. 18 Group Discussion of methods changes & Craig et al (2019) https://doi.org/10.1177/01461672187988
Sept. 25 Dr. Mina Cikara, (Homepage) Harvard University, Leveraging choice architecture to alter social preferences Abstract
Oct 2 Faculty meeting
Oct 9 Writing workshop for students
Oct 16 Mora Reinka, UConn Social Psych
Oct 23 Gabriel Camacho, UConn Social Psych
Oct 30 Dr. Maria Gendron, (homepage) Yale University
Nov. 6 Faculty meeting
Nov. 13 No meeting–but visit Graduate Student Poster Session, 3:30-5:00pm, Atrium of Bousfield (refreshments served; keynote speaker at 4:00 pm).
Nov. 20 Dr. Bert Hodges, Gordon College (homepage)/UConn Psych (homepage)
Dec. 4 Faculty mtg

For the Spring 2019 Semester (all meetings Wednesdays 1:25 – 2:45pm, BOUS 162, unless noted):

Date Speaker, Affiliation, Title
23 Jan Faculty Meeting
30 Jan Ryan Watson, UConn, HDFS, Sexual and gender minority research: health, sex, and risk/protective factors
06 Feb SPSP meeting, No Meeting
13 Feb Noga Shemer, UConn, Anthropology, Workshop: Implementing Inclusive Teaching Principles and Facilitating Challenging Conversations
20 Feb Cydney Dupree, Yale, School of Management
27 Feb Kiran McCloskey, UConn, Social Psychology
06 Mar Faculty meeting
13 Mar Valerie Jones Taylor, Lehigh University, Psychology and Africana Studies
20 Mar Spring break
27 Mar Umay Suanda, UConn, Developmental Psychology
03 Apr TBD: Faculty meeting
10 Apr Alex Paxton, UConn, Perception, Action, Cognition: Discussion on Open Science
17 Apr Umay Suanda, UConn, Developmental Psychology, Acquiring a Lexicon  in a Social World: Input, Variability, and Learning Mechanisms
24 Apr No meeting
01 May Faculty Meeting

From the Fall 2018 Semester:

Date Speaker Title Affiliation
8/29 Col. Gary Packard Head, Behavioral Sciences Air Force Academy
9/05 Faculty Meeting
9/12 Jennifer Perry Graduate Student Tufts University
9/19 Saras Bellur Assistant Professor Department of Communication, UConn
9/26 Alexandra Paxton 

Note: Starts at 1:00pm

Assistant Professor Department of Psychological Sciences, UConn
10/03 No meeting (SESP)
10/10 Faculty Meeting
10/17 Jennifer Pellowski Assistant Professor Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Brown University School of Public Health.
10/24 Billy Brady Postdoctoral Fellow Crockett Lab at Yale University
10/31 Daniel A. Yudkin Postdoctoral Fellow Crockett Lab at Yale University
11/07 Faculty Meeting
11/07, 3:30pm, BOUS A106 John F. Dovidio,  “Racism among the Well-Intentioned: Subtle Discrimination, Implicit Bias, and Implications for Racial Disparities in Healthcare and Health” Professor Yale University
11/14 Tamar Saguy Associate Professor Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya
11/21 Thanksgiving Break
11/28 Allecia Reid Assistant Professor Psychological & Brain Sciences, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
12/05 Faculty Meeting

From the Spring 2018 Semester

Date Speaker Affiliation
24 Jan Natasza Marrouch gives a workshop on R UConn
31 Jan Kiran McCloskey / Cassidy Burt / Shu Jiang UConn
07 Feb No talk – Faculty Meeting UConn
14 Feb Mora Reinka / Gabe Camacho UConn
21 Feb Nira Liberman Tel Aviv University, currently visiting at NYU
28 Feb SPSP week, no talk scheduled
07 Mar No talk – Faculty Meeting UConn
14 Mar No talk – Spring Break UConn
21 Mar Andrew Cortopassi / Aerielle Allen UConn
28 Mar Leah Pound /Angela Yu Wang UConn
04 Apr No talk – Faculty Meeting UConn
11 Apr Joel Devonshire UConn
13 Apr Dept. Colloquium: Saul Kassin Williams College/John Jay College of Criminal Justice
18 Apr Juli Breines University of Rhode Island
25 Apr Josh Hart Union College

For Older Colloquia Schedules see here