Aerielle Allen

Doctoral student candidate and trainee, Social Processes of AIDS

Degrees: M.A., 2015, General Experimental Psychology, California State University, Northridge
B.A., 2013, Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles
Felicia Pratto; Colin W. Leach
AerielleAllen.comIntergroup Lab\
Research Interests:
  • Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Discrimination
  • Racial Inequality
  • Stigma
  • Social and Criminal Justice
  • Health Disparities
Research Synopsis: I am particularly interested in how individuals perceive and respond to injustice when it is historicized, that is when inequality today is contextualized as stemming from previous instances of inequality or a continuation of past incidents of inequality. Furthermore, I am interested in the broader implications of knowledge about inequality for social justice and public health disparities.
Recent News: Elle was awarded the Grants-in-Aid Program fellowship from the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI) in support of her dissertation research. 

Elle is a trainee on the NIMH Social Processes of AIDS/HIV training grant.

Representative Publications: Allen, A. M., & Leach, C.W., (2018). The psychology of Martin Luther King’s “creative maladjustment” at societal injustice and oppression. Journal of Social Issues

Camacho, G., Allen, A.M., & Quinn, D.M., (2019). Neighborhood ethnic composition and perceived discrimination among young adult latina/os: The mediating role of race centrality. Journal of Latina/o Psychology. 1-13.


Earnshaw, V.A., Reed, N.M., Watson, R.J., Maksut, J.L., Allen, A.M., & Eaton, L.A (2019). Intersectional internalized stigma among Black men who have sex with men: A longitudinal analysis spanning HIV/STI diagnosis. Journal of Health Psychology.


Eaton, L.A., Allen, A., Maksut, J.L., Earnshaw, V., Watson, R.J., & Kalichman, S.C., (2019). HIV microaggressions: A novel measure of stigma-related experiences among people living with HIV. Journal of Behavioral Medicine. 1-10.


Eaton, L., Kalichman, S., Price, D., Finneran, S., Allen, A., & Maksut, J., (2017). Stigma and conspiracy related beliefs about Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV prevention among Black and White men and Transgender women who have sex with men. Journal of AIDS and Behavior.


Kalichman, S., Price, D., Eaton, L., Burnham, K., Sullivan, M., Finneran, S., Cornelius, T., & Allen, A., (2016). Diminishing perceived threat of AIDS and increasing sexual risk for HIV among men who have sex with men, 1997 to 2015. Archives of Sexual Behavior.  


Leach, C. W., & Allen, A., (2017). Social psychological models of protest and the Black Lives Matter meme and movement. Current Directions in Psychological Science.


Pellowski, J., Price, D., Allen, A., Kalichman, S., & Eaton, L., (2017). The differences between medical trust and mistrust and their respective influences on medication beliefs and ART adherence among African-Americans living with HIV. Journal of Psychology and Health.  


Watson, R. J., Allen, A., Pollitt, A., & Eaton, L., (2018). Risk and protective factors for sexual health among bisexual men: Internalized homophobia, disclosure of sexual orientation, and religiosity. Archives of Sexual Behavior.


Watson, R. J., Fish, J., Allen, A., & Eaton, L., (2017). Sexual identity disclosure and awareness of HIV  prevention methods among Black men who have sex with men. Journal of Sex Research.   

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