David A. Kenny

Distinguished Professor of Psychological Sciences Emeritus

Degree: Ph.D., 1972, Northwestern University
Information: Instructor, Data Analysis Training Institute of Connecticut (DATIC)
Webpages: SPN| Personal | DATIC | Google Scholar
Research Interests:
  • Person perception
  • Small groups
  • Methodology
Research synopsis: Prof. Kenny is mainly interested in the study of naturalistic social behavior and models of such behavior.  He has focused most of my research attention on dyadic models of person perception.  In his research, he has ave mainly used the Social Relations Model and the Actor-Partner Interdependence Model. He is also interested in improving statistical analysis with my DataToText project and has continuing interests in Structural Equation Modeling, longitudinal data analysis, mediation and moderation analysis,  and the analysis of group data.
Students in Research: This professor will not consider new students to enter the graduate program.
Recent News:
Recent Publications: Publications since 2010, indexed on Google Scholar
Representative Publications:
  1. Kenny, D. A., Kashy, D. A., & Cook, W. L.  (2006)  Dyadic data analysis.  New York: The Guilford Press.
  2. Campbell, D. T., & Kenny, D. A. (1999). A primer of regression artifacts. New York: The Guilford Press.
  3. Kenny, D. A. (1994). Interpersonal perception: A social relations analysis. New York: The Guilford Press.
  4. Kenny, D. A., & Garcia, R. L. (2012).  Using the Actor-Partner Interdependence Model to study the effects of group composition. Small Group Research, 43, 468-496.
  5. West, T. V., & Kenny, D. A. (2011). The truth and bias model of judgment (T&B). Psychological Review, 118, 357-378.
  6. Kenny, D. A. (2010).  DataToText: Possibilities and problems.  Multivariate Behavioral Research, 45, 1-20.


Contact Information
Phone+1 860 486 4908
Mailing AddressUnit 3064