Diane M. Quinn

Professor of Psychology

Information: Ph.D., 1999, University of Michigan
Webpages: Quinn Stigma Lab | SPN | Google Scholar
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Research Interests:
Obesity and Weight Cycling
Concealable Stigma
Psychological Well-Being and Health
Research Synopsis: Prof. Quinn focuses on the experiences of members of stigmatized groups, self-related cognitions, behavior, and affect. She has examined how identity related constructs determine psychological and health related outcomes for people with socially stigmatized identities. She has focused on issues related to mental illness, gender stereotypes, self-objectification, and the stigma of overweight.
Students in Research: See Quinn Stigma Lab
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Recent Publications: Publications since 2010, indexed on Google Scholar
Recent Publications: Puhl, R. M., Himmelstein, M. S., & Quinn, D. M. (2018). Internalizing weight stigma: Prevalence and sociodemographic consideration in U. S. adults. Obesity, 26(1), 167-175.

Quinn, D. M., Weisz, B. M., & Lawner, E. (2017). Impact of active concealment of stigmatized identity on physical and psychological quality of life. Social Science and Medicine (192), 14-17.

Himmelstein, M. S., Puhl, R. M., & Quinn, D. M. (2018). Weight stigma and health: The mediating role of coping responses. Health Psychology, 37(2), 139-147.

Quinn, D. M. (2017).  When stigma is concealable: The costs and benefits for health.  In B. Major,  J. F. Dovidio, B. G. Link (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of Stigma, Discrimination and Health. Chapter 15 (pp287-299). Oxford University Press: NY, NY.

Quinn, D.M. (2017). Identity concealment: Multilevel predictors, moderators, and consequences.  Journal of Social Issues, 73(2), 230-239.   [Issue Introduction.]   DOI:10.1111/josi.12213

Puhl, R. M., Quinn, D. M., Weisz, B. M., & Suh, Y. J. (2017). The role of stigma in weight loss maintenance among US adults. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 51(5), 754-763. doi:10.1007/s12160-017-9898-9

McClure Brenchley, K., & Quinn D. M. (2016). Weight-based rejection sensitivity: Scale development and implications for well-being.  Body Image, 16, 79-92. doi:10.1016/j.bodyim.2015.11.005

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