Elif Ikizer

Doctoral student

Degrees: M.S., 2013, Psychology, Koc University
B.A., 2010, Chemistry, Bogazici University
 Nairan Ramirez Esparza
Lab webpage:
Language and Behavior Cultural LabStigma and Identity Management Lab
Research Interests:
  • Stigma and disadvantage; accent stigma, stigma across cultures
  • Unintended consequences of policies and interventions aimed at reducing disadvantage
Representative Publications: Blanton, H., & Ikizer, E. G. (in press). The Bullet Point Bias: How Diluted Science Communications Can Impede Social Progress. In L. Jussim & J. T. Crawford. Political Bias in Psychological Research.  Psychology Press.Ikizer, E. G., & Ramirez-Esparza, N., Quinn, D. M. (2017). Culture and Concealable Stigmatized Identities: Examining Anticipated Stigma in the United States and Turkey. Stigma and Health. pdf

Ikizer, E. G., Blanton, H. (2016). Media Coverage of “Wise” Interventions Can Reduce Concern for the Disadvantaged. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied. pdf

Aycan, Z., Kilic, B., Karataylioglu, I., Tuncer, E., Biricik, D., Ikizer, E. G., & Soylu, N. (2011). Vocational Schools and Industry Collaborations. Education Reform Initiative Publications Policy Report.

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