Leah Pound

Doctoral Student

Degrees: B.S. in Behavioral Sciences, US Air Force Academy 2008
M.A. in Social Psychology, University of Kansas 2011
Felicia Pratto
Lab webpage:
Research Interests:
Stereotyping & Prejudice, Intergroup Relations and Race, Sense of Belonging among college students, military populations
Research Synopsis: I’m currently researching Sense of Belonging and race on cadets at the US Air Force Academy. I’m interested in the role of white cadets and faculty in the subtle forms of prejudice that could be leading Black cadets to have a lower Sense of Belonging as compared to their peers.
Recent News:
Representative Publications:
  • Pound, L. (2011). Jokes are no laughing matter: Disparagement humor and social identity theory (Master’s Thesis).  University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas.
  • Migliore, L. & Pound, L. (2016) The Military Identity Project: A Mixed Method Investigation of Military Self-schema Core Content.  Military Behavioral Health, 4(2), 183-192.
  • Examining Culturally Diverse Cadets’ Sense of Belonging at USAFA Presentations:
    • Rocky Mountain Psychological Association, Oral Sessions, Denver, CO. April 2016
    • The National Academic Advising Association; poster presentation, Las Vegas, NV. Oct 2015
    • ISPRC’s Diversity Challenge Conference, panel presentation, Boston College, Boston, MA. Oct 2015
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