Redd Driver

Ph.D. in Social Psychology

Degree: M.S., 2018, University of Connecticut

B.A., 2016, California State University San Marcos

Seth C. Kalichman
Lab webpage:
Social Processes and AIDS
Research Interests:
  • Masculinity
  • Stigma
  • Health disparities
  • Health behavior change
  • Social psychological interventions
Research Synopsis:
Recent News:  Forthcoming
 Publications: Driver, R., Allen, A., Finneran, S. Maksut, J. L., Eaton, L. A. & Kalichman, S.C. (2020). Masculinity ideology and Black men who have sex with men’s interest in PrEP. Journal of Health Psychology.


Maksut, J. L., Eaton, L. A., Baldwin, R., Driver, R., Knowles, C. M. & Watson, R. J. (2020). Factors associated with awareness and use of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) among Black men who have sex with men with a recent STI diagnosis. Behavioral Medicine.


Sullivan, M., Rosen, A., Allen, A., Benbella, D., Camacho, G., Cortopassi, A. C., Driver, R., Kalichman, S.C (2020). Falling short of the first 90: HIV stigma and HIV testing research in the 90-90-90 era. AIDS and Behavior.


Cortopassi, A. C., Driver, R., Eaton, L. A. & Kalichman, S. C. (2019). A new era of HIV risk: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know (and how infectious). Annu. Rev. Psychol, 70: 27.1-27.29.


Kalichman, S. C., Hernandez, D., Finneran, S., Price, D., & Driver, R. (2017). Transgender women and HIV-related health disparities: Falling off the HIV treatment cascade. Sexual Health, 14(5), 469-476


Rosas, C. E., Gregorio-Pascual, P., Driver, R., Martinez, A. C., Price, S. L., Lopez, C. & Mahler H. I. M. (2017). Effects of social norms information and self-affirmation on sugar-sweetened beverage consumption intentions and behaviors. Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 39(2), 112-126

Redd Driver
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