Renee El-Krab

Graduate Student

Degrees: M.S. Psychology, Arizona State University, 2020

B.S. Psychology, Sam Houston State University, 2018

Seth Kalichman
Lab webpage:
Research Interests:
HIV treatment and prevention

HIV Stigma

Treatment Adherence

Research Synopsis:
Recent News:
 Publications: Vargas, P. A., & El-krab, R. (2019) Health Status and Suicidality: What is the connection? In Galindo E, Reschke K, Franco G, Pires H, Candeias A, Beja MJ, Rodrigues N & Wirtuk E. (Eds.) Proceedings of the IV Évora-Leipzig Scientific Meeting in Psychology: Psychology in Education and Health IV. May 2019, Madeira, Portugal.
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