Training Grant


  • Social psychology publications archived in UConn’s Digital Commons.
  • CHIP publications archived in UConn’s Digital Commons.

Database and Software Resources

  • There are numerous computers in the psychology department with contemporary software for constructing databases, analyzing data, and writing manuscripts.
  • The psychology department holds a site license to Qualtrics software, which permits highly specialized experiments and surveys online.
  • Prof. Kenny’s website, relevant to SEM, dyadic data analysis, and similar pursuits.
  • Proprietary geotemporal surveys within the U.S. evaluating levels of stress, anxiety, depression, numerous health habits, and many other social dimensions (Contact: BTJ).
  • Meta-analysis software (Contact: BTJ).


  • Translations in various languages of the SSDO scale (Contact: FP).


  • Professors and students have offices in either Bousfield Hall and/or CHIP.
  • Professors have laboratory space in either Bousfield Hall and/or CHIP.