Social Psychology Listserv

To join the listserv: To receive e-mail announcements for events (e.g., speakers in the brown-bag series) held by the social psychology graduate program, visit this link to enroll. You can return to the same site in the future to change your e-mail address or to un-subscribe. Typically, members of the list are graduate students, staff members, faculty members, or visitors in this social psychology program. The list is moderated by a faculty member in the program (typically the webmaster of this site). There is also a searchable archive for the list, which has existed since February, 2005. The archive is limited to the most recent 12 months of e-mails.

To send e-mails to the listserv, simply send your e-mail to; as a check on spam, the system will ask you to confirm that you have submitted your e-mail. Make sure to send the email address from the same email address you used to join the listserv.