Aerielle (“Elle”) Allen

Degrees: M.A., 2015, General Experimental Psychology, California State University, Northridge
B.A., 2013, Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles
Felicia Pratto; Colin W. Leach
Lab webpage:
Intergroup Lab
Research Interests:
  • Intergroup Relations
  • Prejudice and Discrimination
  • Criminal Justice
  • Social and Health Disparities
Research Synopsis: Broadly speaking I am interested in how stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination influence perceptions and behaviors. More specifically, I would like to examine how different social groups feel towards group-based hierarchies both within the health care system and the judicial system.
Recent News: Trainee, Social Processes of AIDS/HIV training grant
Representative Publications: Eaton, L., Kalichman, S., Price, D., Finneran, S., Allen, A., & Maksut, J., (2017). Stigma and conspiracy related beliefs about Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV prevention among Black and White men and Transgender women who have sex with men. Journal of AIDS and Behavior.


Kalichman, S., Price, D., Eaton, L., Burnham, K., Sullivan, M., Finneran, S., Cornelius, T., & Allen, A., (2016). Diminishing perceived threat of AIDS and increasing sexual risk for HIV among men who have sex with men, 1997 to 2015. Archives of Sexual Behavior.


Leach, C. W., & Allen, A., (in press). Social psychological models of protest and the Black Lives Mattter meme and movement. Current Directions in Psychological Science.


Pellowski, J., Price, D., Allen, A., Kalichman, S., & Eaton, L., (2017). Exploring the relation between medical mistrust and their respective influences of medication beliefs and ART adherence among African Americans living with HIV. Journal of Psychology and Health.


Watson, R. J., Fish, J., Allen, A., & Eaton, L., (in press). Black men and Transgender woman who have sex with men Sexual Identity, Disclosure, and Awareness. Journal of Sex Research.